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Upgrade your plan (Increase Rate Limits)
Upgrade your plan (Increase Rate Limits)
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You can easily upgrade your subscription from the Free plan to a Pro or Business Plan and from Pro to Business as well, all from within your account! You can also find all available plans on our pricing page.

Each available plan gives you different rate limits:

Free Plan - 25 requests per second
Pro Plan - 60 requests per second
Business Plan - 100 requests per second
Enterprise Plan - 200+ requests per second (Can go as high as 100000 requests per second)

How do I inquire about custom quotes that suit my needs?

Please get in contact with our Success Team at to get a custom quote, dedicated support, and other perks.

Please note that all requests are weighted. You may find the weights of specific request endpoints here.

Upgrading from your Account Dashboard

Step 1) Click on the "Upgrade" button at the top right corner of your account page.

Step 2) Once you have clicked on the "Upgrade" button you will be redirected to the following page with all our available plans, select the billing schedule between the Monthly or Annual option. Select the plan of your choice.

Step 3) You will be redirected to the page below, where you will need to add your payment method and complete the checkout. Fill in the required payment information, and once you confirm all the information has been entered correctly, click on the "Add New Card" button at the bottom of the page


Step 5) Once the card has been added, you may go ahead and choose your subscription and click on the corresponding plan "Upgrade Subscription" button.

Once completed, you should see the message below:

Congratulations, you have successfully upgraded your subscription!

You can view your current subscription details under your account settings by clicking on the "Upgrade" button and then selecting the "Plan and Billing" tab

Feel free to check our article on auto-scaling requests available in all our Paid plans.

In case you need higher plans than the ones currently available on our website, please reach out to our Success team at, our success team will ensure to provide you with the upgrade that will suit your needs.

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