What are your Insights?

Insights by Volume are our new AI tool that will allow you to see exactly what your customers are saying for any given date range, topic, or filter. Trending Insights will flag you new data points that the system thinks would be interesting for you. Insights are on by default, but they require a minimum of a few hundred feedbacks in order to get optimal results.

Insights by Volume

Insights by Volume, which show you the amounts a word or phrase has been said, are our default Insights. The number amounts can be seen from the far right of the widget, and Insights by Volume offer all of the features discussed below, such as Sentiment Sorting and viewing comments for specific Insights. These Insights and phrases will be updated whenever you change the date range, add or subtract a filter, select a specific topic, or change the card.

Trending Insights

Trending Insights is the system trying to flag you specific Insights that break the norm. There are three main criteria for this:

Change in amounts: If normally you get 100 feedbacks a week about a Topic, and this week you got 800, the Trending Insights will flag that as important.

Change in Score/Sentiment: If the average score for a Topic in a given week is 9 out of 10, and then one week that score drops to an average of 3 out of 10, the system will flag that.

New Words and Phrases: If a new phrase starts turning up often in feedback that the system has not seen before (such as an error code after a new update, pricing change, etc), the system will flag that.

You can swap between which Insights you are viewing by using the dropdown:

Related Insights Vs Filter Insights

Both Related and Filter Insights allow you to analyze how each specific Insight is calculated.

  • Related Insights: Occurring keywords and phrases that are statistically related to a specific Insight.

  • Filter Insights: FIlter values (that can be found on the right side of the page) that are statistically related to a specific Insight.

Example - see screenshot below:

  • Related Insights: The topic "Feature" is calculated from feedback from the following keywords - Check (22%), Edit (5%), and Deposit (22%).

  • Filter Insights: The topic "Feature" is calculated from feedback from the following filters - Country: United States (55%), Device: Phone (52%), and Region: East (35%).

By default, the Top 3 Related Insights and Filter Insights are displayed. To see the complete list, click "Show all".

These Insights are sorted either:

  • By volume/percentage - if "Insights by volume" is selected.

  • By score - if "Trending Insights" is selected.

How can I use the Insights?

Insights can be segmented so that you can view all of the Negative Insights, or all of the Positive Insights, at any given time, by using the buttons at the top of the widget. Whether an Insight is determined to be Positive or Negative depends on the Sentiment assigned to the majority of the statements that make up the Insight, not the score associated with the feedback. To read more about Statements and how they have Sentiment, please consult the Terminology guide on Sentiment, which will give you some more information.

The system will try to intelligently group Insights together based on their relevancy, so that they do not clutter the widget. You can view grouped Insights by expanding upon them using the drop down arrow next to the Insight.

You can view all comments associated with an Insight by click on the toggle box to the left of the Insight. Note that you will have to scroll down the page to where your open text responses can be found in order to actually see those responses.

Next Steps

Lastly, Insights can have Events created on them. This can be useful if you want to get the word out about a new keyword or phrase that the customer is mentioning, or remind people that scores for a certain Topic are dropping rapidly. To create an Event, simply click on the blue bubble to the right of any Insights (note: you cannot target grouped Insights). In the future, you will be able to make Automatic Events for your Insights.

Contacting Support

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