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How can I quickly order my products?
How can I quickly order my products?

This article will describe how you can easily r(e)order your products without browsing through the site.

Written by Alina Gayevskaya
Updated over a week ago

We can imagine you don't always have the time to browse through our assortment. To make things easier, we have created two options for you:

1 ) A quick order functionality.

2) Previously bought re-ordering.

Quick order

Step 1: Go to your account and select 'Quick Order'.

Step 2: There are three options for using the quick order functionality.

Option 1: Fill in the SKU and quantity manually.

Option 2: Fill in the SKU with a list, click on 'Add to List' and complete the quantities afterwards.

Option 3: Using 'Import from Excel' after using the pricelist export.

First, fill in your desired quantities and save the document.

Import your created file.

Step 3: Add to Cart.

Enjoy shopping!

Previously bought

Here you will find the products of your last 3 shipments. You can directly add them to your cart and proceed to checkout within just a few minutes.

Step 1: Go to your account and select 'Previously Bought'.

Step 2: View all previous ordered products and add them to your cart.

Enjoy shopping!

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