Inhaler Disposal

How to dispose of unwanted and used inhalers

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Asthma is one of the most common health conditions, with several million people in England using inhalers to manage their condition

More than 65 million inhalers are prescribed each year in England. The most common prescribed inhalers are Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDIs) and Dry Powder Inhalers.

The propellants in commonly used inhalers are powerful greenhouse gases. Even after the inhaler has been used, significant amounts of these environmentally damaging gases remain in the canister.

Can I dispose of my inhalers at home?

When inhalers are put in the bin at home, they may end up in landfill.

Landfill disposal of inhalers is harmful to the environment, due to the residual gas from canisters being released into the atmosphere when crushed in the back of refuse lorries or when they eventually reach landfill.

How do I dispose of used inhalers?

The best way to dispose of inhalers is to take them to your local pharmacy.

The pharmacy can then send your inhalers to be incinerated with other medical waste.

This type of disposal reduces the impact of the leftover greenhouse gases. This is better for the environment, compared to putting inhalers in landfill.

In some cases, pharmacies have access to inhaler recycling, which means the plastic and gases can be recycled.

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