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About The Hero Platform: Feature & development requests
About The Hero Platform: Feature & development requests

Submit a feature request. This article outlines how new features are decided upon and prioritised.

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At Hero, we are always keen to have product input from our users. Since the product was launched in 2018, our product development has been guided by clinicians, administrators and patients giving us feedback on their pain points.

How is product feedback considered by the Hero team?

Product feedback is fed through a standardised process:

  • All non-urgent customer feedback and suggestions are discussed at our fortnightly prioritisation meeting (please submit urgent matters, including product bugs, via the Intercom widget within the Hero application)

  • Feedback is prioritised against our existing development backlog, whilst also factoring in our overall product strategy

  • Suggestions are evaluated based on their potential value for customers (for which we will take into account the number of customers requesting the feature) and development complexity

  • Ideas requiring further validation are allocated to our Customer Success and Product Team, who take these for discussion with our Champion practices. Please contact us here if you are interested in becoming a Champion practice.

  • Where we decide we want to take a feature suggestion forwards, it is converted into a development plan or "tickets" - essentially a sequence of development required to bring the feature to life in our product code

  • Tickets will be allocated to a "sprint" - a sprint is a two-week development window

  • We tend to sprint plan 6-12 weeks ahead

  • Once a feature has been developed, we then go through a process of reviewing and testing with real users before we roll out to our full customer base

Once prioritised and allocated to a sprint, exact development timelines and release dates may vary depending on business priorities and the true complexity of the development task.

Prioritisation of product bugs or urgent issues follows a different flow. If you have experienced a bug or glitch please contact the Hero team immediately through the Intercom widget within Hero itself.

Should you have a bespoke development request, please contact our support team and depending on our development capacity, we may be able to provide a cost estimate for your work.

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