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Setting your location for the first time
Setting your location for the first time

How to set your location so the Garden Planner can calculate growing dates for your garden

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The Garden Planner uses your location to recommend the best growing dates for your garden. (Don't forget to keep an eye on your local weather forecast too for unexpected changes that could affect your plants!)

How to set your location

Set your new location by typing in an address, moving the map marker, or clicking 'Find Location' on the map. If your location is not found, try just using the zip code/postal code.

Garden Planner setting location

Scroll down and click Save.

Garden Planner saving location and frost dates

How to edit your frost dates

The Garden Planner looks up data gathered over 20-30 years from your nearest weather station to calculate your expected frost dates. In some cases, if you live very far from or at considerably different altitude to your nearest weather station, you may find you need to edit your frost dates to make your growing dates more accurate.

(Please note: Australia and South Africa use a different system based on postcode regions, so it's not possible to edit the frost dates in these areas.)

To edit your frost dates, click on the Manual Frost Dates tab.

Garden Planner manual frost dates

Click on the dates to change them (we wouldn't recommend doing this by more than 2 weeks at either end). Alternatively you can check the boxes to specify if your area doesn't experience frost, or if you need to split the growing season in two to avoid growing some crops during the hottest part of the year.

Supported Locations

The Garden Planner currently includes growing data for the following countries:

New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

Other locations may be added in the future.

If your location isn't currently supported, you can edit your own frost dates or set your own growing dates for each plant, and the Garden Planner will use these values instead.

Any questions? Chat to us!

Click on the Live Chat icon in the Garden Planner if you need help or have questions for our gardening experts.

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