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How to use Parakey to unlock a door
How to use Parakey to unlock a door
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If it is your first time using Parakey you will have received an email with instructions on how to download the app and register.

How to unlock a door using the Flowpass app:

  1. When you are at the door, go to your Flowpass app, click on your booking and Access key.

  2. When you start the app it scans the nearby area for doors and displays them. There you can see the name of the door (for instance ”Entrance door" or maybe "Office"). Tap on the name of the door to open it.

3. When you tap the door name the app begins to unlock and when it turns green the door is unlocked and you are free to open it.

4. Should the app fail to unlock a door it turns yellow instead. When that happens you can try to move closer to the door and tap the door name again when it's available.

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