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What do I need to open my fina account?
What do I need to open my fina account?
Written by Toni
Updated over a week ago

To open an account with us, all you need is our fina app and a stable internet connection. After you have provided us with your email address and set a username and a secure password, you can already access all our content and interact with the community.

For all investing functionalities, you will need to provide us with additional information about yourself so that we can verify you.

For verification we work with our partner IDNow, which requires a valid passport or ID card from you in a short video call. All ID documents accepted by IDNow can be found here.

In addition, you need to register to use the investment features:

  • A smartphone with the iOS operating system (version 12.0 or higher)

  • A working cell phone camera

  • A stable Internet connection

  • A document for address confirmation, if your ID document does not have your current address

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