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Who is behind fina?
Who is behind fina?
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fina was founded by Léonie and Tim, two startup enthusiasts with a special passion for and extensive experience in the financial industry. Developing a sustainable and future-proof financial offering is a very time-consuming and above all capital-intensive business model, which is why we are supported on our journey by a diverse group of leading European investors and great entrepreneurs such as Dominik Richter (HelloFresh), Lawrence Leuschner & Georgie Smallwood (TIER), Julian Teicke & Fabian Wesemann (wefox), Caren Genthner (mymuesli) and Diana zur Löwen.

We are a steadily-growing team of passionate and very different people who have joined forces to improve our product, develop new features and support you on your way to financial freedom. Our team members have previously gained years of experience at companies like Trade Republic, N26, Uber, TIER, Microsoft, Groupon, Netflix or wefox.

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