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Startups developing solutions, software, tools and machines used to solve problems or improve conditions with respect to the movement of people and goods




Startups developing transportation solutions getting people from point A to point B. This includes ride hailing, ride sharing, public transport and micromobility.

Example: Uber, Via, BlaBlaCar, Mobike

Search, Buy & Rent

Marketplaces and other solutions to enable and facilitate new and used vehicle purchasing, vehicle rental and leasing, as well financing.

Example: Auto1Group, Cinch, Openlending, Drivy


Solutions to improve maintenance and aftermarket for vehicles including platforms to connect users to networks of repair dealers, claim estimation for insurance, B2B solutions and marketplaces for parts.

Example: Fixico, Snapsheet, CassTime, Carzone

Navigation & Mapping

Startups developing solutions to track vehicles, provide navigation and mapping. This includes navigation apps, telematics providers, platforms for mobility data sharing, logistics tracking.

Example: Cambridge Mobile Telematics, Waze, Wejo, Shippeo

Autonomous & Sensor Tech

Startups developing solutions for autonomous driving or to enhance other vehicle sensing capabilities. This included autonomous driving vehicles, software and sensors and V2X.

Example: Waymo, Horizon Robotics, Luminar, AutoTalks

Vehicle Production

Startups producing or developing solutions for vehicle production, as well as vehicle parts such as motors, chassis.

Example: Rivian, Joby Aviation, REE automotive, Infinitum Electric

Logistics & Delivery

Startups developing solutions for the transportation of goods, the packaging of products for storage and shipment involving both internal and external distribution networks.

Example: Flexport, Glovo, Forto

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