Global data platform

Access the most comprehensive database of startup ecosystems in Europe and beyond, trusted by world-class companies around the globe.

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Why upgrade to premium?

  • Unlimited search results

    Unlimited access to the most comprehensive startup & scaleup database. 1 million+ organizations from startups to unicorns (on trial you get up to 100 page views per day and 10 pages per day with a free account).

  • Growth signals and predictive algorithms

    Spot winners before they are on everyone’s radar

  • Save & export your data

    Export Dealroom data for further analysis and enrichment. Save companies into lists and setup alerts based on saved queries (on trial 2 test exports of 25 rows, with a free account exporting is not available)

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    A dedicated Account Manager helps you get the most out of your subscription and can give access to our Intelligence Unit when needed.

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