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Collaborate with our intelligence unit and harness the power of Dealroom data

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High-growth companies and markets are characterised by rapid technological and commercial innovation. Capturing this accurately through data requires constant curiosity and attention about the underlying meaning of that data.

That’s why, from day one, we’ve had an in-house intelligence unit that works closely with our data scientists and engineers.

Our intelligence unit actively seeks out opportunities to work with field experts – founders, VCs, industry people – to turn the Dealroom database into an intelligent organism. The same intelligence unit members, each with sector specialisation, are accessible to all our clients.

Why use our bespoke research?

Dealroom exists to help you create true value from our data – not just collecting it, but using the data to make better decisions. Bespoke research is a collaborative effort between Dealroom and our clients and other thought leaders to address specific questions and track trends in the market. Use it to:

  • Receive hyper-targeted leads

Uncover hidden gems, based on custom criteria. Discover fast-growing companies to invest in, partner with, or learn from.

  • Create industry-leading research

Work with our team to create deep-diving research about startups, investment, tech hubs and innovation. Drive the conversation, support the startup ecosystem, create headlines.

  • Find the bigger picture

Derive strategic insights from data. Figure out what tomorrow’s world might look like. understand competitive landscapes, opportunities and threats.

Find some examples of bespoke research here:


The bespoke research pricing is custom based and created to best suit your research needs.
Contact our team to learn more, via the support chat (bottom right) or send us a message here.

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