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Launch your own dedicated startup database, in your own brand

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Ecosystem platforms are dedicated startup databases focused on specific sectors, cities, regions or countries. The platforms are supported by the Dealroom database and technology, which allows users to run searches, get a detailed view of startup profiles or look up specific investors. In the meantime, policymakers can get valuable insights into their local startup and tech climate.

What does the ecosystem feature?

Ecosystems are the most comprehensive maps, providing vital data points and information about the status of the local startup community. Also, ecosystem maps are fully searchable, which means you can apply filters and focus on the information that matters most.

Why build your own startup database?

Optimise decision making

It starts with having better data about your own startup ecosystem. This is the foundation to a deeper understanding of where things are going and how to support.

Unlock network effects

The startup database enables companies to identify partners and clients. The matching tool helps startups and investors find the right fit.

Put your startup ecosystem in the spotlight

The database provides a platform to boost your visibility. Dealroom also helps drive engagement through research that not only gets headlines and drives conversations forward.

Fully managed

The platform is a fully managed solution which means that you do not need to dedicate any of your own resources to maintain the platform. It’s just always there when you need it.

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