How to search for companies
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In this video, we'll walk through how to use the Companies search page on Dealroom:

  • Use the search bar located above the company list for a general search, such as typing β€˜fintech’, to find related companies.

  • While entering a search term, you can select from a list of relevant topics or simply hit enter to use the term as a keyword.

  • Use the advanced search tool to refine your search using specific criteria, including industries, timelines, company size and valuation, funding history, founder background, impact goals, patents, and more.

  • Sort the list of companies by any column to organize the data according to your preference.

  • Take advantage of the platform's feature to create landscapes, which are shareable, visual representations of a specific search.

  • Save your searches to create a dynamic document that updates automatically when new companies matching your search criteria are added to the database.

Here are a few example searches to get you started:

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